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We are Bhutan Upward Travels – a travel agency started by a team of seasoned travel enthusiasts, who strive to make your vacations become everlasting memories. We are a group of travelers who have gathered an immense amount of travel related information & contacts over the years with the help of extensive traveling and socializing. The managing heads at Bhutan Upward Travels have teamed up with the best hoteliers and car rentals in Bhutan, to bring together a service package that is perfectly complete within itself. From ticket booking, to hotel arrangement, vehicle management and location hunting, we cover it all. And we do it with impressive precision and punctuality. So next time you think about visiting Bhutan, choose us as your travel partner and feel the joy of carefree traveling!


We harbor a passion to serve you with only the best. Our prime motive is to present the rare beauty of Bhutan in front of your eyes with the help of the richest of experiences without compromise. Our travel arrangements are perfectly tailored to be the best in town, and we achieve is effortlessly every time with the secret key of customization. Every Bhutan tour package that reaches you is created with your preference, budget and availability in mind. If you want to browse through packages that are personally created for you, then get in touch with us for custom vacation plans for you and your loved ones!


  • To create a healthy clientele base on the basis of superior travel related service.
  • To become a pioneer in the travel sector by becoming every one’s first preference.
  • To offer creative Bhutan tour packages at reasonable price.


  • To deliver the experience of a lifetime in the Land of the Thunder Dragon.
  • To showcase the true & unmatched beauty of Bhutan by promoting Bhutan Tourism through creative packages.
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